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Accreditation Table

TCNJ Department/Program Review Schedule (2008-2021)
Year Department/Program Self-Study External Review Submitted
2008-2009 Pyschology Yes Yes
WGS Yes Yes
2009-2010 Modern Language Yes Yes
Music NASM accreditation Yes
Political Science Yes Yes
2010-2011 IMM Yes
Communication Studies Yes
History Yes Yes
Sociology and Antro Yes Yes
2011-2012 School of Business 5th year Maintenance report Yes
Physics Yes
English Yes Yes
2012-2013 Chemistry Yes
Music NASM progress review Yes
Civil Engineering ABET Yes
Computer Engineering ABET Yes
Electrical Engineering ABET Yes
Biomedical Engineering ABET Yes
Engineering Science ABET Yes
African American Studies Yes Yes
International Studies Yes Yes
Criminology Yes Yes
Counselor Education Yes Yes
2013-2014 Journalism and Professional Writers Yes Yes
2014-2015 Computer Science ABET Yes
Math and Statistics Yes Yes
Art and Art History NASD accreditation Yes
Nursing Board of Nursing accreditation Yes
Philosophy Yes Yes
2015-2016 Education Accreditation
Health and Exercise Science Accreditation from HES Yes
Women and Gender Studies Yes
Tech Studies CAEP accreditation
Dear and Hard of Hearing Yes
Political Science Yes
2016-2017 Communication Studies
2017-2018 Chemistry
Sociology and Antro
6 Engineering Programs Accreditation Visit in fall 2018
School of Business
2018-2019 AAS
Nursing CCNE accreditation
Public Health
International Studies
2019-2020 English
Math and Statistics
2020-2021 Art and Art History NASAD accreditation
Computer Science ABET
Music NASM accreditation
Journalism and Professional Writing
Center for Institutional Effectiveness (April, 2016)